Directory of Paynesville Boat Builders

PMM has an active project to develop and publish a listing of Paynesville and environs based boatbuilders and the boats they produced as an important part of the record of the maritime heritage of Paynesville.

The project has now reached the stage where we are seeking input and comment from interested persons and a copy is available from the link below.

Please address any comments etc to

It is important that we continue this work whilst memory is still available from those around for at least part of the time period covered.

Whilst the primary material is that related to the classic Paynesville Fishing Boat - a unique breed developed for the waters of the Gippsland Lakes - the project also includes other local boatbuilders and the craft that they produced.

Appreciation is recorded of the efforts of Bruce Reynolds and Peter Stokes in producing this directory.

Download PDF of the draft Directory of Paynesville Boatbuilders